Process for ordering a
Cyber Trust Austria Label

1. Online request
The request for the label is done online on this website.
2. Answering the online questionnaire
You receive a link to answer the 14 questions of the KSV1870 B-rating. You enter your answers there.
3. Automated Web Scoring (of the submitted qualified domain)
An automated security scoring of the domain that you have declared is conducted. This is only passive and not harmful in any way.
4. Validation of answers and calculation of preliminary Cyber Risk Rating
Your submitted answers are validated by KSV1870 experts and checked for completeness and plausibility.
5. Possibility to clarify or correct open issues
In this phase eventual unclarities or incomplete answers can be clarified and completed.
6. Calculation of final Cyber Risk Rating
On the basis of the validated answers the final rating is calculated. You receive a copy of the answers and eventual clarification questions and comments. Your answers are not stored at KSV1870 or Cyber Trust Services due to security reasons.
7. Issuing of the label and recording in the Cyber Trust Label Database
If the qualification criteria for the label are met (valid B-rating of 190 or better), you will receive a label confirmation and the usage rights for one year. Your company will also be recorded in the Cyber Trust Label Database.
Cyber Trust Austria Labels