Cyber Trust Austria – the Austrian Quality Label for Cybersecurity

Cyber Trust Austria is the Austrian Label for Cybersecurity. It is based on the Cyber Risk Rating Scheme which was developed by Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich (Austrian Security Board) in cooperation with KSV1870 (Austria's largest Rating Agency). There are three quality levels and labels accordingly.

Show your fulfillment of cybersecurity standards and be ready for NIS 2.

Cyber Trust Austria: Österreichisches Label für Cybersicherheit

Why Cyber Trust Austria?

Today, no company can afford not to take care of its cyber security. Security incidents can not only cause financial damage, but also permanently damage the trust of your customers and your reliability as a partner. Prevent and show with the Cyber Trust label that you have your cyber security under control and you are a reliable partner.

The benefits for your organisation

Cyber Trust Austria Gold Label
Cyber Trust Austria Silber Label
Cyber Trust Austria Standard Label

• Evidence of relevant minimum safety standards for suppliers & service providers
• Proof of quality & trustworthiness towards customers
• Alternative to complex ISO 27001 certification
• Method to meet security precautions according to NIS-Regulation (manage risks regarding service providers, suppliers, third parties)
• Standardized method for Third Party Risk Management

Get an overview of your suppliers & service providers and ensure compliance with the NIS directive.

What is the purpose of the Cyber Trust Austria Label?

The Cyber Trust Austria Label gives organizations the possibility to externally demonstrate the fulfillment of essential baseline security requirements for cybersecurity and the importance of the topic within the organization. This is especially important for companies, which act as suppliers for Operators of essential Services (OeS) according to the NIS directive of the European Union. These OeS have to assure adequate technical and organizational security measures also within their suppliers. The criteria of the Cyber Trust Austria Label map to the NIS factsheets of the competent national NIS authority in Austria (Ministry of Interior) and are acknowledged accordingly for NIS audits.

Increasingly companies and consumers take diligent care that their suppliers are secure and trustworthy. The Cyber Trust Austria Label is an easy and affordable possibility to externally demonstrate that security is an important topic in the company and essential security requirements have been implemented. In this respect, it is a cost-effective alternative to a costly ISO 27001 certification.

In the future, this will also apply to many other companies (so-called "operators of important services") with more than 50 employees, based on the Europe-wide NIS 2 directive. In general, with the new NIS 2 law, there will be minimum cyber security standards for all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With the Cyber Trust Label you meet this minimum standard and can also prove this accordingly.

More and more companies and consumers are making sure that their suppliers are safe and trustworthy. The Cyber Trust Austria Quality Label is a simple and inexpensive way of making it visible to the outside world that security is important to the organization and that essential security measures have been implemented. It is therefore a cost-effective alternative to a complex ISO 27001 certification in many areas.

Who is behind the Cyber Trust Austria Label?

The Cyber Trust Austria Label is based on the Cyber Risk Rating Scheme, which was developed by Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich (Austrian Security Board) in cooperation with KSV1870. The Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich is Austrias largest non-profit organisation focused on improving security. KSV1870 is Austrias largest Rating Agency, offering services in the areas of risk management and credit protection. The governance of the cyber risk rating schemes lies in the hands of the Cyber Risk Advisory Board, which consists of leading cybersecurity experts from large Operators of essential Services from all sectors according to the NIS directive.

How to get a Cyber Trust Austria Label?

How does Cyber Trust Austria help with regard to NIS 2?

The Cyber Trust Austria label is an important support instrument for achieving NIS 2 compliance. On the one hand it serves as proof of your own baseline security (and in the case of the silver or gold label even advanced security) and on the other hand it can be used as an essential element within the management of supplier risk (Third Party Risk Management) by demonstrating the required cybersecurity of your suppliers. For this purpose, it is also positively credited by the Austrian NIS authority, as marked in the corresponding NIS fact sheet 09/22 (only available in German) in the chapter "Dealing with service providers, suppliers and third parties".

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